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p7mViewer 4.5 is a standalone application designed to view files and e-mail messages encrypted and/or signed in compliance with S/MIME standard.

General features
Displays content of smime.p7m and other files with file extension p7m
Extracts attachments
Verifies and displays message security
Provides diagnosis on undecrypted messages
Cryptography support by CryptoAPI
Message handling
Verifies opaque and transparent digital signature
Decrypts encrypted messages
Decodes multi-layer messages
Supports Key-ID certificate identification
Supports Issuer&Serial Number certificate identification
CryptoAPI based access to cryptographic devices and software
Smartcard support through CSP (requires software supplied by the smartcard manufacturer installed)
Direct PFX files handling for decrypting messages
Certificate revocation checking
Diagnostic functions
Displays all available information on recipients of encrypted messages
Displays detailed diagnostic information on undecrypted messages
Displays detailed information on certificates installed in the system available to Windows applications
Windows Environment Integration
Displays secure Microsoft Outlook messages ®
Displays Microsoft Outlook Express messages ®
Utilizes CryptoAPI for cryptographic services, which gives access to certificates installed in the system, security providers, cryptographic algorithms and devices
Drag&drop attachment extraction
.p7m files' context menu for easy attachment extraction
Displays and extracts files with their folder structure (if folder information is present).
displays detailed information about attached files and folders.
handles .p7m files nested as secure folders.
Effificiently handles arbitrarily large files
Handles multiple security layers
Very low memory usage during attachment extraction
Displays as much content of broken (e.g. incompletely retrieved) files as possible
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