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Secure messaging can create as many problems as it is intented to solve - software upgrades, staff training, security policies can effectively halt communication between business partners to a stop. Often, in the end, partners circumvene security measures by using insecure, but effective data transfer instead.

Cryptigo aims to make secure email usable by providing software tools and support for companies that cope with side effects of secure messaging introduction - partner communication jams, security regulation violations, low staff morale.

Whether you plan to introduce secure messaging, have already jumped right into or are a business partner of a secure messaging newcomer, Cryptigo's years of experience and software development skills will help you get the best of email security.

Corporate secure e-mail Customer secure e-mail Secure messaging
When introducing secure e-mail in corporations, synchronizing security practises between divisions is one of the greatest challenges of the already enormous organizational task

Cryptigo products and services help in switching to secure messaging smoothly and effectively.
Implementing an effective secure business-to-client communication depends on the ability of clients to receive secure e-mail.

Cryptigo products and services help establishing secure business-to-client communication channels by assuring that all clients can read their secure e-mail.
Secure messaging problems affects not only companies that implement security solutions - their business partners have to adapt as well.

Cryptigo products and services help survive hard times of adapting to secure messaging requirements, providing temporary and

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homeproductsFAQabout Cryptigosmime.p7m